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Journaling Fibromyalgia

My Kratom Experience

Help With Fibromyalgia My first encounter with Kratom was thru a friend, whom also was struggling with fibromyalgia pain.  I researched it, like I do most things. Could this help fibromyalgia? I have tried many many treatments and I’m always looking… Continue Reading →

An Old-fashioned Treatment to Reduce Fibromyalgia Pain

For Fast Relief I find myself dealing with symptoms of fibromyalgia on a day to day and sometimes moment to moment. There are few treatments that can compare to a good old fashioned hot bath. There is truly something miraculous about… Continue Reading →

When My Life Changed Forever

Everything Changes I remember the exact day my life changed.  It was first week of October 2008 and I was 32 years old.  So abrupt and unexpected.  It began with these pains in my hands first. Strangely it was bilateral pain,… Continue Reading →

Fibromyalgia Mom: Letter to Adult-Children

Fibromyalgia Stole Everything At the first thought of motherhood I had decided to be the best mom in the world. Little did I know my ‘best’ would become severely limited. Fibromyalgia came and stole nearly everything from my life. All… Continue Reading →

It’s All In Your Head

Pain Is A Sign Pain is a sign that something is wrong.  Medical professionals are taught that pain is the fifth vital sign. (Vital signs: temperature, blood pressure, pulse rate, respiratory rate.)  Health professionals should regard pain as what a… Continue Reading →

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